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EP 201 Dave Walsh: Voiceover Super Coach

July 29, 2016

Chuck and Stacey are back with a whole new look! They wrote and produced a new show opening with Chuck singing the new theme song and the voiceover done is by Chuck, Stacey, and amazing VO pals Scott Laverty, Scott Rummell and Joe Cipriano. Be sure to listen during the new show credits too for Joe Cipriano again along with the totally fabulous, Vanessa Marshall. The vision Chuck and Stacey had for the new opening was brought to life through stunning graphics by the super talented, Mariana Brang.

Episode 201 welcomes the accomplished voice actor, former studio executive, voiceover coach and founder of the TRUETELL METHOD, Dave Walsh. Dave tells how he started in radio and television in Boston and eventually moved to Los Angeles to work in the entertainment business. He shares how the discovery of the book, Word of Mouth written by Sue Blu, literally changed the course of his life and helped start his VO career.

Having worked in all genres of voiceover, Dave talks about how important it is to create a self-motivated career in this day and age, why he feels not everyone can be a voice actor and some misconceptions that people have about doing voiceover. 

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