VO Buzz Weekly

EP 202 Dave Walsh: Voiceover Super Coach

July 29, 2016

Chuck and Stacey continue talking with respected voiceover coach and TrueTell Method creator, Dave Walsh, who shares more about his passion for coaching and fostering a talent’s authenticity to trust that telling the story is enough.

Dave gives great tips for staying on top of the trends because that is part of the actor’s job as well as perfecting their skills which all shows respect for the voiceover industry. He offers insights on straightforward website branding and his do’s and don’ts for making voiceover demos, from never doing one before you’re ready to working with a professional demo producer/director when it’s time.

Dave discusses the shifts he sees in the industry and where he feels things are right now with respect to union and non-union work and making sure talent know their value. He expresses his gratitude to Chuck and Stacey for creating an invaluable resource like VO Buzz Weekly that celebrates the industry and benefits people all over the world. 

Dave feels he is currently enjoying the best part of his career and shares his dream job which involves helping people and how the relationships he has with agents has helped him as a coach and in turn his coaching clients.

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