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EP 204 Nika Futterman: Animation Voiceover Super Talent

July 29, 2016

Chuck and Stacey read a testimonial from a VO Buzz Weekly viewer and Demos That Rock client, Brent Allen Hagel, who wanted to share some great news. If you would like to inspire others around the world, email Chuck and Stacey your success stories at VOBuzzWeekly@gmail.com and tell us how VO Buzz Weekly is helping you achieve your dreams! 

The amazing conversation continues with super talented and cool, Nika Futterman, who talks about her experience creating characters that are “outside the box” like Cuckoo-Loca in Minnie’s Bow Toons and demonstrates the language she had to speak to play Oil Can in the blockbuster movie, Boxtrolls. 

Nika reflects on advice she got early on that helped her and offers some wise words for what you can do to ride out slow times in your career from the importance of staying positive to finding ways to be heard, putting energy into building your skills and networking. 

She answers what keeps her inspired year after year and some of the beautiful things about getting older. She explains what she does to train to get better at poker and how pushing through the fear to move forward is what makes playing poker a lot like life. 

Nika shares her definition of success that includes a desire to be happy and having the freedom to do what she wants and be able to take care of her family. She talks about her love of cooking and the signature dishes she likes to make.

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