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EP 207 Melissa Disney: First Female to Voice Movie Trailers and Singing Voice of Snow White

July 29, 2016

Chuck and Stacey welcome 20-year voice acting veteran in movie trailers, promos, commercials and animation and singer/songwriter, Melissa Disney, who grew up in San Diego in a family of entertainers and musicians. She shares how her experience doing musicals led to voiceover and on-camera work in Los Angeles.

As the founder of the LA Voiceover Academy, Melissa offers some techniques for auditioning from being in the moment to believing what you’re saying and explains why she feels it’s so challenging for voice talent to find the conversational read. 

She explains why she started the LA Voiceover Academy, answers what inspires her to teach and some of the most common misconceptions she notices that people have about doing voiceover. 

As the first woman to voice a movie trailer for a major studio for, Gone in 60 Seconds, Melissa doesn’t focus on the male versus female talent aspect but rather just encourages people to keep their skills sharp and tell the story.

She talks about the first time she met her mentor and friend, the late great Don LaFontaine, and shares some advice he gave her that has helped her along the way.

Melissa explains her audition process, how she handles self-direction and moving on fast after every audition. She reflects on what helps her keep perspective about her career, life in Los Angeles and the importance of staying in a place of gratefulness.

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