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EP 214 Mary Elizabeth McGlynn: Silent Hill Singer-Songwriter/Voice Actor/Voice Director

September 25, 2016

VO Buzz Weekly hosts, Chuck and Stacey continue chatting with Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, the award-winning voice director and voice actor of anime, animation and video games like Disney’s Tangled, Naruto, Silent Hill, Ghost in the Shell, Steven Universe, Penn Zero and more. She talks about the trending character archetypes in anime, how to approach audition specs like “natural, not cartoony” and how she handles her own auditions by doing her best work and moving on.
She answers what she believes are her strengths as an actor and pulls out a spot-on impersonation of Arnold Schwarzenegger and William Shatner.

As a gifted singer-songwriter, Mary Elizabeth shares more about singing in the Silent Hill video games and touring internationally performing her favorite song, Room of Angels. She offers great advice for following your dreams without expectations from being where the work is, to taking improv and acting classes, reading out loud every day and checking out Dee Bradley Baker’s insightful resource, I Want To Be A Voice Actor https://iwanttobeavoiceactor.com

Mary Elizabeth gives good tips for callbacks like being confident, being yourself and being prepared with accents and dialects you can learn from great coaches like JB Blanc. She reflects on what she still loves about her work and why tries to make the process fun by encouraging creativity and joy. She speaks to what her life will be like in 10 years that includes astrophotography, singing, directing and acting. Follow her on Twitter @MaryEMcGlynn

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