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EP 286 Chris Edgerly: Voice Over Actor on The Simpsons, Final Fantasy, Sofia the First, Tom & Jerry

June 10, 2018

EPISODE 286 - Chuck and Stacey continue their interview with voice actor and stand up comic, Chris Edgerly of The Simpsons animated series, Passengers, Dragons: Riders of Berk, The Clone Wars, Naruto, Sofia the First, Tom & Jerry and Cid Highwind from Final Fantasy. Chris, shares the story of why he got in trouble while riding a Disney attraction where he voices a character. Chris performs some of his character voices like Gobber and Cid Highwind in Final Fantasy, and he goes on to demonstrate some of his spot on impressions like Liam Neeson, Matthew McConnaughey, Jeff Goldblum, Antonio Banderas, Michael Caine and Peter O’Toole. Chris talks about his attitude towards auditioning and booking the gig and the importance of trusting his instincts and moving on. He discusses the digital content collaboration with his brother Dave that you can check out on Patreon: Edgy Brothers Presents Happy Hour. Chris speaks about the keys to his career longevity that his authentic passion to be a lifelong artist and creator, which allows him to do it no matter the results and be able to deal with the uncertainty.

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